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Full of life and the joy of living...

Calvin. Described by so many friends and family members as kind, loving, cheerful, smart, friendly, witty, funny. . . the list goes on.

He was not originally named after the “Calvin & Hobbes” comic strip (written by Bill Watterson) but when he received his first stuffed tiger at the hospital when he was born, our Calvin & Hobbes journey began. Calvin James Mosman is the Calvin from the comics incarnate – only maybe kinder and more generous. But just as clever, witty and full of life and the joy of living.

Calvin loves climbing trees, swimming, getting muddy/dirty, riding his bicycle, going to school (unlike his comic counterpart,) and, of course, playing with his stuffed tiger, Hobbes, as well as his striped kitty Hobbes.

Calvin suffered a fatal asthma attack in May 2014 and later was declared legally brain dead. He lives on, not only through the gifts of his donations, but in our hearts and through all the memories and stories from the people whose lives he touched.

I don’t speak of him in the past tense, I believe he is still out there, climbing trees, getting dirty and having a wonderful time where he can run without stopping. I love you, Cali-monster, to the ends of the universe and back times infinity plus 3. I will see you again when the time is right. ~Mommy

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  1. septiembre 12th, 2015 | Mommy |

    We have been truly blessed by making connections with three of Calvin's recipients. So thrilled to know the people who have been touched by Calvin. continues to document our journey.

  2. mayo 19th, 2015 | Angela M. Roberts |

    I met Calvin only once, at a local veterinary clinic where he and his mom were getting some of their critters taken care of. I was immediately impressed with how amazingly caring and loving this young man was. He was so very interested in animal rescue and I was surprised at the importance HE placed on making sure animals were spayed/neutered/vaccinated. He was so excited to tell me all about the dog that his family had adopted from the shelter I now volunteer in here in Benson Arizona. He struck me as an old soul in a young body with his wise beyond his years matter of fact way of explaining just exactly why they were at the clinic. When the news hit me that he had passed, it shocked me. I had just met him not long before that day and I felt like the world had lost a truly caring and loving young man.

    • julio 10th, 2015 | Calvin’s mommy |

      Angela, this story touches my heart. Thank you for sharing it on Calvin's wall. <3

  3. abril 1st, 2015 | Elizabeth |

    I will never forget this little man. And I have permission from Lisa to share how I met this hero. Calvin was my first pediatric code. I was just leaving the hospital and a code was called. I got to the ED right as the ambulance arrived. The awesome team of professionals from the ED and all over the hospital jumped into action and tried our hardest to save this little boy. We thought we got him back and he was sent to Tucson. I cried all the way home. Then I saw Calvin's FB page and followed every post. Every person in that ED that day was heartbroken when we found out that Calvin wasn't going to make it. Almost all of us are parents of kids, some of our little guys also have asthma. I am astounded every day when I think about everyone did what had to be done even though it hit so close to home. I got to know Calvin through his FB page and I am convinced as well that his little light is shining on especially in all the donor recipients. I started working at UMC at met the donor coordinator. She told me that families like the Mossman's and their beautiful decision to let a piece of Calvin live on are what makes her job feel so worthwhile. Calvin and family, you are so loved.

    • abril 3rd, 2015 | Lisa – Calvin’s mom |

      Thank you so much for sharing this. I just don't have the words to properly express my feelings after reading this. Just know that you and everyone involved in caring for Calvin touched my heart. I know you didn't get to see him "in action" but I hope his Facebook page gives you a glimpse into the brilliant little boy that he is. You didn't just care for Calvin. You cared for our family because we knew that everyone did their very best with everything they had at their disposal to try to save his life. And the fact that almost a year later you haven't forgotten him shows how truly compassionate you are. Thank you. <3

  4. abril 1st, 2015 | Melissa Bidon |

    Melissa Bidon just registered to become a donor in honor of Calvin James Mosman

  5. abril 1st, 2015 | Mommy |

    Calvin & Chaos (the goat)

  6. abril 1st, 2015 | Mommy |

    Calvin's classmates made this for him.

  7. febrero 4th, 2015 | Donna J. Dobson |

    Donna J. Dobson just registered to become a donor in honor of her grandson, Calvin James Mosman

  8. febrero 4th, 2015 | Freda Zachery |

    Calvin my Steak and Shake man!

  9. octubre 17th, 2014 | Amy Berra |

    Amy Berra just registered to become a donor in honor of Calvin James Mosman

  10. septiembre 15th, 2014 | John Mosman |

    John Mosman just registered to become a donor in honor of Calvin James Mosman

  11. septiembre 14th, 2014 | ~Mommy |

    The link to Calvin’s slideshow: The link to Calvin’s Celebration of Life: (password: love) Calvin’s Facebook page:{c9d2a00c3b06dff1623021c11e3b85e6}disabledupes

  12. agosto 18th, 2014 | Anonymous |

    The link to Calvin's slideshow: The link to Calvin's Celebration of Life: (password: love) Calvin's Facebook page:

  13. agosto 18th, 2014 | Anna Stevens-Denae |

    Anna Stevens-Denae just registered to become a donor in honor of Calvin James Mosman

  14. agosto 18th, 2014 | Tasha Coates |

    Tasha Coates just registered to become a donor in honor of Calvin James Mosman


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