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We have found some comfort knowing a part of him is still living...

William (Bradley) Passmore was born January 13, 1977, in Cottonwood, Arizona, and passed away unexpectedly in August 2017.

Will was an entrepreneur with multiple business ventures throughout the valley. As a child he would take things apart just to see how they worked. Over time, this developed into an uncanny ability to diagnose and repair almost anything. Some would call him a jack of all trades.

Will was somebody who would give you the shirt off his back, and was known for his calm demeanor and mischievous grin.

Most importantly, he was a dedicated and loving father. He is survived by his mother, Lisa Burris; daughter, Jade Burris Passmore, 11; “his little buddy” son, Julian Passmore, 10; and daughter Justice Passmore, 9. It is still very hard for us to believe he is gone. We didn’t know he was an organ donor at the time of his passing, but have found some comfort knowing his eyes, heart valves, bone and skin tissue have already been used to better someone else’s life. A part of him is still out there, still living. We miss him every day.

Theresa Bright, William’s aunt

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  1. November 19th, 2019 | Jessica |

    Bubba, not a single second out of any day goes by without the thought of you and the pain of your absence. It weighs heavily on me. I registered as an organ donor today, in your honor. I'm so proud of the man, son, brother and father you were. I miss you something fierce bubba. Thank you for helping me to remember just how capable I am. Thank you for looking out for me, and for our shenanigans and all our "out-of-order-ness". I love you to infinity. ❤️ Love, Your little sister

  2. October 1st, 2019 | julian b passmore |

    i love you

  3. October 17th, 2018 | William Bradley Passmore |

    We miss you.


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