Wallace Raymond Murray, Donante

Wallace Raymond Murray

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There are moments and gifts in life that can only be declared as glorious miracles and Wallace Raymond Murray was exactly that to his family...

He had this uncanny ability to connect with anyone he met.  He always knew when someone needed assistance and he never hesitated in lending his loving, helping hand.  His selfless attitude led him to be a wonderful son, brother, uncle and friend to so many.  His happiest day of life was when he learned he would be a daddy.  Although he was not a registered donor, when the time came for his family to make a decision on his behalf, it was so easy to know that he would be honored and delighted to once again “lend a helping hand” to someone in need.   Their sweet Wally is missed minute-by-minute of each day, but his unconditional love was a lesson well learned by all of those who had the privilege of knowing him.   Organ, tissue and ocular donation is that opportunity in life that absolutely nothing else can surpass.  God bless the donors and let their gifts make a difference to those who need and appreciate them. 

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