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He has been able to save so many lives...

Travis was a young, healthy 37-year-old. He was a veteran of Iraqi Freedom, and decided to join the Marine Corps after the terrible attack on 9/11. He was a loving, devoted father to two beautiful young girls. In early January 2017, Travis suddenly lost his life to a cerebral blood clot. The choice was made to donate Travis’ organs because Travis gave so graciously to his country, and now would continue to give even after death. With Travis being as healthy as he was, he was able to give 8 organs, and perfectly paired all 8. Because he was a universal blood type it all seemed like the pieces fit, and this is what we were supposed to do. I aim to be at peace with the death of my youngest brother who was more like a son to me, having raised him after our mother passed, by knowing that his organs live on in others. It brings me comfort every day knowing he has been able to save so many lives, because that’s exactly the type of person he was. He risked his life going to war for a county and people he loved, and after death he is still saving the people he loved so much.

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