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She was able to continue helping others...

Tracy passed away suddenly back in February at the age of 31. A few months before, I remember talking to her about her day as we were unloading her groceries and she told me that she had renewed her license and registered to be a donor. I was proud of her then and I was proud of her on the day she donated, even through all the sadness and grief of her dying.

She had such a loving and compassionate heart. In spite of all the challenges, extreme ups and downs, and daily battles with mental illness that she fought, she always cared for others and made time for others in a gentle and supportive way. She had so much capacity for love and caring that she couldn’t even fit it all in while she was alive, and was able to give several people the opportunity to extend their lives through organ donation.

I miss her and I love her dearly, and I am so proud that she was able to continue helping others even after her passing.

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  1. November 26th, 2020 | Anonymous |

    As the mother of kidney recipient, I could not be more grateful to donors such as yourself. Your selflessness I know blessed so many. May you and your family find peace. God bless you.

  2. November 15th, 2020 | Christopher Bucholz |

    RIP Tracy. Thank you for giving someone the gift of life. You are a true angel. I had a liver transplant in March of 2020.


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