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Hi everybody. Steve’s one month Kidneyversary is Nov 2022!!! He’s doing great!!! His appetite is back and he’s walking one mile a day. The transplant team is very happy with his progress. Our living donor angel is doing well also and we are forever grateful to her for giving Steve her lifesaving gift! Please continue to pray for their full recovery. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers, support and encouragement.


Steve, Stephanie and Family


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  1. October 16th, 2023 | Donate Life Arizona |

    The Beck Family is so excited to Celebrate Steve’s 1 Year Kidneyversary in October 2023!!!!! Can’t believe that is been a year since this life saving Kidney Transplant. We are absolutely forever grateful to the Mayo Clinic Phoenix Transplant Team and to our Angel Michelle who unselfishly donated her kidney to Steve! Steve is doing well with renewed energy, appetite – just enjoying life and his family! If you need a Living Donor Transplant or are interested in donating please message me for further information. There are over 100,000 people in the US who desperately need a kidney transplant. YOU COULD SAVE A LIFE!!! Thanks for your continuing support, prayers and encouragement!!! Love, Steve, Stephanie and the Beck Family💚

  2. June 20th, 2023 | Donate Life Arizona |

    Hi everybody. In June 2023 Steve celebrated his 8 month Kidneyversary! Then, Steve had his 8 month post transplant checkup at Mayo Phoenix. His team is very happy with his progress! Steve is doing absolutely GREAT! We are so grateful for Steve’s Living Donor Michelle for giving Steve the gift of Life. I also continue to reach out to people who are searching for Living Donors (200 and counting) to tell them about the campaign I launched for Steve. If anyone would like this information just message me. Please consider Organ Donation. It has made such a profound change in Steve and our entire family.💚💚


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