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I am so grateful for all the donors out there...

Today, I am less than 3 months since my transplant. Here is my story:

In December 2014, I received a liver transplant at the Mayo Clinic here in Phoenix, Arizona. With less than two weeks of life left, my liver had already shut down and my kidneys were suffering from stage 3 hepatorenal syndrome, which was causing my kidneys to start shutting down as well.

I have been so blessed to have been granted this blessing from an unknown donor’s family. Now, I am recovering and gaining my strength back a little every day and soon, hopefully, will be able to drive and travel again.

This is the reason I’m so compelled to offer my corneas, tissue and any organs that are suitable for transplant. I feel there is no better way to honor someone else than to be able to save or extend another person’s life.

I’m so grateful for all the donors out there, because I know from the receiving side what a great gift it is.

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