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I received a second chance at life...

My life was full. I was married with a son in elementary school. I was a busy wife and mother. However, In October 2007, my world was turned upside down. When I was put on emergency dialysis, my kidney function had decreased to critical levels. I was on dialysis for 5 years and 9 months. However, at around the 5th year mark of dialysis, I was informed that I would not only need a kidney, but a liver as well, due to unforeseen circumstances. Because of my faith in God, I wrote on the care pages website “Dos Regalos”, (which means two gifts in Spanish).

In June 2013, through the generous act of a donor family, I received a second chance at life. I thank God that He still performs miracles today. Please consider registering for organ donation.

Stephanie M.

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  1. August 15th, 2016 | Ida |

    Stephanie has been a true inspiration to me and many others. The strength and faith she has shown to others through her many trials, has been remarkable. She has continued to be encouraging by helping others remain positive, even when she was weak and awaiting her miracle. Stephanie is a prayer warrior and powerful woman-of-God. I pray that one day, I will have a tenth of her courage and optimism. She is a living testimony of what God can and has done in her life, as well as others who believe. I'm so thankful and blessed to her as my friend.


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