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My beautiful son, Shawn, was 17 when he left us. He decided it was time for him to move on to a new journey and left without saying “goodbye.” That may sound heartless or cold, but he was far from that. He was a bright and funny kid who at times had some deep, inspirational and captivating views that could really leave you astonished. Very wise beyond his years (old soul) and his quest in this world was to find a way to uplift others and illuminate the light and the love that lives within us all, that we sometimes hide away because of fear. He often felt he fell short in “coping” with the condition of this world and that was a burden that weighed heavy on him. He was mischievous and talented in many areas. Some speculate he was an “Indigo Child.” He was loved by many and had touched them in many different ways with his wisdom and his love. He was always making people laugh, often teasing us all, driving me crazy with his antics and arguments and always showing kindness to everyone he met. Once he had cashed a check and then just gave it all to a homeless man because he felt he needed it more. He had the biggest, most beautiful heart, often thinking of others first. Once, he told me he thought his purpose was to die so others could live. (Precognition?) His absence is colossal in our lives, but we know he has found his place where the love and light he searched for here on earth exists. We know he didn’t say “goodbye” because he knew his leaving us is only temporary… we will all meet again in another place and time. He was truly a beautiful and wondrous gift to us all, and we were blessed to have our time with him. I will end his story with his words about unconditional love…

“You don’t have to have a reason to love, unconditional love is normal. You just think it isn’t so you hate, because hate is normal. Making hate a normal thing is bad. Love and be yourself. Don’t let this world destroy who you are.” ~ Shawn Gaige Williamson 1998 – 2016

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