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The greatest "right" choice he ever made...

Yesterday was Sergio’s legacy day. I want to share how we spent the day.

In 2012, Sergio saved a Correctional Officer’s life by giving him CPR. He was then featured on the evening news. The reporter described him as “a person who has made wrong choices their whole life, made one right choice.” Sergio was teased mercilessly for this description, as we all know Sergio had a big heart and made many “right” choices.

The greatest “right” choice he ever made was to be an organ donor. In death he was able to give six people another chance at life. He transferred the gift of life on to several people that would then impact many! This was the last and most selfless act he did.

Yesterday, on his second angelversary, we were able to meet one of those very lives he so blessed with a new chance at life. It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. We had stethoscopes and listened to Sergio’s lungs function perfectly in this man’s chest. My goal, in Sergio’s name, is to promote organ donation. This year I will sign up to become a volunteer at Donor Network of Arizona. If you are not listed as a donor on your license, please consider registering this year to become educated on the process and benefits.

Introducing Kenny and his wife, Annette Hamilton Moline. We are already in love with these people and welcome them into our lives with open minds, hearts and arms!

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