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I'm grateful my son chose to be a donor...

My life changed forever in October 2014, when I got a call my 21-year-old son, Sebastian Harris, was hurt, and I needed to come right away. I got to his apartment and police told me he passed away. My last hug was thru a body bag in a parking lot. I went home in a fog and a wreck. That same night I got a call from the Donor Network of Arizona, as my son was a registered donor, which I knew, but of course hadn’t thought about. Although it was a difficult time, and call, the woman I spoke with was amazing, and the call was actually comforting. I am so grateful my son made the choice to be a donor, and that there are people having a better quality of life because of him. It helps me to continue day by day without him. I wish everyone would become a donor. It helps the loved ones left behind as much as it helps save lives.

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  1. October 9th, 2021 | Charles Neptune |

    Sebastian was always one of my best friends growing up. We understood each other and connected in a way only the best of friends could, we felt like outcasts but we had eachother. From talking on the phone for hours while playing the Ps2, to getting into deep philosophical conversations. He always had such a thought provoking response. As we got into later years in High School and I transferred, we started losing touch. And I guess I've never forgiven myself for that. I love you Sebastian and miss you brother. I wish we could have had a beer together, once I got into it lol. I always have one for you anways. Black Hole Sun plays and I know you're with me. I cant wait to get into MGS, I know you'll be there with me every step of the way.

  2. July 9th, 2021 | Sara Harris |

    Sebastian was my little brother. I have always been a donor, but this just solidifies that decision for me. He was such a smart young man, gone way too soon. I know the people working for the Donor Network were able to approach the situation and help my mother through such a hard thing at a difficult time. I commend the work that they do every day for so many people.

    • September 25th, 2021 | Anonymous |

      Thank you

  3. June 27th, 2021 | Linda T a friend |

    I knew Seb casually from Starbucks with your parents. We had lots in common even though I’m old enough to be his granny. He was quiet but very knowledgeable. We had a few good convos and I certainly loved how beautiful inside and out he was. I was away from AZ when he left the earthly life and was very sad of the news. Funny how short I knew him but what an impact he had on me. And I find myself thinking of him. 🙏

    • June 27th, 2021 | Dianne |

      Thank you for the nice memories you have of him. You two had lots in common

  4. June 26th, 2021 | Anonymous |

    Seeing the positive impact Sebastian had on so many lives, making the decision to Donate Life didn't require much thought. I hope others will follow his lead as well.

    • June 26th, 2021 | Bob Harris |

      I didn't mean to post anonymously. Sebastian was my nephew. I miss him terribly but I'm proud of what he did for others.

      • June 26th, 2021 | Dianne |

        Thanks Bobby, means allot to me

        • June 26th, 2021 | Krista Carter |

          Sebastian was my bestfriend for 9 years, and even though I don't get to have him close to me anymore the comforting thought is that he will carry on and has saved lives by being an organ donor. His mother Dianne is an amazing person who raised an amazing son.

          • June 26th, 2021 | Anonymous |

            Thank you, Krista. Love you
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  5. June 25th, 2021 | Jody Yarbrough |

    Hi Dianne. I didn’t know your son and I only knew you casually in school. We reconnected as many did, still very casually, on social media. My heart feels your pain and Sebastian’s pain when I think about his loss. I admire how strong you were to honor his wishes to be a donor. I admire your strength to keep him alive in your heart. I’m sure he was a wonderful young man with so many great virtues. I wish joy from your memories and peace in your heart. Jody

    • June 25th, 2021 | Dianne |

      Thank you SO SO much. I truly appreciate you taking the time to do this, more than you'll ever know


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