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I'm grateful my son chose to be a donor...

My life changed forever in October 2014, when I got a call my 21-year-old son, Sebastian Harris, was hurt, and I needed to come right away. I got to his apartment and police told me he passed away. My last hug was thru a body bag in a parking lot. I went home in a fog and a wreck. That same night I got a call from the Donor Network of Arizona, as my son was a registered donor, which I knew, but of course hadn’t thought about. Although it was a difficult time, and call, the woman I spoke with was amazing, and the call was actually comforting. I am so grateful my son made the choice to be a donor, and that there are people having a better quality of life because of him. It helps me to continue day by day without him. I wish everyone would become a donor. It helps the loved ones left behind as much as it helps save lives.

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