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He continued to help people around him...

Scott was an amazing son, brother, uncle and friend. He was so funny and outgoing; he would just light up any room he was in. He was a playful brother who would tease his sister (my mother). He was an uncle that was blessed upon myself and my brother; so attentive and fun. When he passed tragically and suddenly, it wasn’t just a death of a family member, it was in a way the death of the family we would never be again. A hole in your heart is an understatement, we lost everything. However, through the years, and through his generosity to become an organ donor, we have found peace that he still continued to help people around him even though he was gone. He is loved dearly, and missed greatly. His mama is home with him now and one day we will all be together once again.

Please use Scott’s and other donor’s stories like his to encourage you to become a donor. The world’s greatest gift is someone’s unexpected generosity, kindness and selflessness through organ donation.

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