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He was kind and will be missed...

Rey Escalante, son of ‘Maggie’ Magdelena and Carlos Escalante. Two sisters: Patricia and Martha. Two very beautiful souls and gorgeous women.

Rey was a handsome man who was kind and had a special way of sculpting souls, namely his children.

Rey was married and deeply in love with a goddess named Lilianna Lopez, from the little town of Nogales, Arizona.

Rey had six children: Rey Jr., James, Lisa, Poqui and Mimi. He had several grandchildren and great grandkids too.

He loved Mimi’s kids, especially because they were his and Lillianna’s. They had a huge part of his heart and life.

Rey was a master musician and entertainer who will be missed for all my life.

Thanx Daddy, from the son who truly loved you no matter how human you were.

Love eternal, James Craig ‘Human’ Escalante.

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