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He always brought joy...

Raymundo was born August 8, 1989, in Sylmar California. He was an outstanding citizen who loved his family and country. He served eight years in the Marine Corps and became a sergeant. He was loved by his family, especially his two sons, Ezekiel and Esai. Raymundo had a beautiful smile and was always bringing joy to others around him. He decided to be a donor and was able to help other people even after he was gone. You will always be loved and missed, Ray.

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  1. December 23rd, 2023 | Erick Trujillo |

    Ray was my brother and I miss him everyday, I sometimes wonder who he was able to help with his donation. I wonder which organs are helping other people, and if his heart is still beating somewhere or his eyes are still seeing this beautiful world. I most likely will never get the answer to this but it brings peace to my heart to know that my brother was thinking of helping other people. I love you brother and it hurts that you are no longer here.


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