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Raquel was an amazing Raqstar wife and mother, whom suddenly and unexpectedly passed while on vacation in Las Vegas from a stroke. She was the most selfless and caring person we knew, always putting everyone else first while spreading love, joy, kindness and good vibes everywhere. This world needs more people like her. She was a shining example of what a good human being is. We miss her love so much, but her legacy will live on. In her final selfless act, she gave the gift of life to five recipients, and a blind person can now see thanks to Raquel’s gift. All recipients are reported to be doing well and we hope to meet them in the near future. She will continue to improve multiple lives with her tissue donations. We love and miss you, Raquel!

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  1. August 24th, 2023 | Ashley Stewart |

    My name is Ashley Stewart, and I am the most grateful recipient of this amazing woman’s heart. Raquel saved my life, and I cannot put into words how thankful and appreciative I am for her selfless gift. I will strive to do every act of goodness in Raquel’s honor. This incredible woman will live on in me.

  2. September 8th, 2022 | Gino Colucci |

    I am Raquel's husband. As you can imagine this has been extremely difficult. When I reflect on her life and how it came to an end it makes me appreciate how short life really is. I miss and love her so much, she was such an amazing woman and I will cherish the memories we have together as long as I am alive. She was literally the most selfless and loving person I've ever known and by keeping true to that she was an organ donor. Her legacy is truly an inspiration and the first thing I did after her celebration of life was become an organ donor myself in her honor. If my future gift can save or improve just one life it is worth it! I am hoping she inspires others as well so her example has an enormous ripple effect of good for humanity. While I am still here I promise to live my best life in her honor and for those who do not get that chance. I know he has been guiding me ever since she left I can feel her with me.


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