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His family remembers the life of Charles “War Hammer” Ward and are grateful for his time in their lives...

Charles loved his students and was a devoted instructor and dedicated master.  During his thirty-five years in martial arts, the “War Hammer” accomplished many feats and titles.  He was a Black Belt and certified instructor in multiple disciplines.  Founder and Master of Amrajutsu, which later developed into Tai’kor.  He had titles of Soke, Kensai, Sensai, Master, Chief, and Professor.  Eight Year International, Intercontinental, Undefeated “Tuff –Man” Kumite World Champion.  Inducted into the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2009 and 2010 with three distinctions: Muay Thai Master, The Mixed Martial Arts Professor, and Soke of “The Most Original Combative Style of the Year”.  But his greatest legacy was creating the first accredited Mixed Martial Arts Program at a Major American University as Professor at Arizona State University.  As in life, and now in death, Charles continues to give to others.  Even now he is sharing the gift of life with others.

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