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I was given a new lease on life...

I was given a gift in January 2018 when a donor gave me a new lease on life. I had COPD and my lungs were only working at 12 percent capacity. I was very fortunate that a match came very quickly. I am now able to do things I never thought possible, such as taking walks with my grandchildren, going to the playground and taking trips with them. I want to honor the person who gave me a new lease on life, my way of saying thank you.

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  1. octubre 9th, 2018 | Nora Niles |

    Penny Ann, Congrats on a successful transplant. I received my heart transplant 3 years ago on 10-10-2018 at Mayo in Phoenix. I can really relate to the difference in quality of life before and after transplant and the wonderful importance of organ donation. Many more years of success, and God Bless all donors. Nora Niles


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