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He wanted to help people in need...

Pedro was a very good person who really liked the outdoors and was always on the ready.
My babes, Peter, oh how I miss you so much. I would like to say that Peter was a very kind and giving person, not to mention very friendly with lots of people, although some took advantage of him. He knew he just wanted to help whoever was in need. He was so full of energy, talent and a very good father to my grandson.
He was maybe a little strict, but I know he just wanted what was best for Nicholas. We had our share of ups and downs. A lot of times he would go for a day or two, maybe weeks, but I was always so happy to see him. I know he was happy to see me too. A lot of times I thought the reason he left me was because he didn’t care or love me the way he did the first two year we got together. Our hearts knew it was never going to be over for us. I love you, babes, may you rest in peace, my love.

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