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I dedicate my organ donor registration to my dad...

Death does not scare me. I look forward to a life beyond the physical body because I have had experiences with the spiritual side of life. I believe my body was created for life and I would give that life to many when I do not need the body anymore. My Dad was a musician, scientist, magician, photographer, comedian and physician who loved meeting new people, curiosity and laughter, the sun and fresh air, and good food! My Dad said that we die every day and our cells regenerate every day. So to me that kind of balances out life and death, and I grew up seeing experiences from a new perspective. I dedicate my organ donor registration to my Dad, because this is as close to a scientist or doctor I could ever become, and I would hope to save lives through research and transplants just as he did. Thank you, Dad, for your legacy, I love you forever! Always from Your Daughter.

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