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I will forever remember the light he brought into our lives...

Nathaniel was born 5 weeks early and weighed 5lbs 12oz. He spent 9 days total during 2 visits to the NICU and still came home having apnea spells. Yet, he was a fighter. Never fussy, he was the happiest baby around. The pride and joy of his two older brothers. He loved to be held by them. His brothers doted over him.

Just 3 days before my original due date I woke up to find him unresponsive. I tried to stimulate him the way the NICU showed me, thinking he was having another spell. When that failed, I started CPR. The paramedics took over and he was rushed to the hospital where lifesaving tactics were tried for an hour to no avail. My son passed away peacefully in his sleep with no real explanation. That night he closed those big, beautiful, curious eyes and slipped quietly off to Heaven. I will forever cherish those 4 precious weeks we all spent with him and will forever remember what light he brought into our lives. We have donated his heart in the hopes he may one day be a hero to others and bring life to them as he did so for us.

Nathaniel, my little, my son, mommy did everything she could for you. Please watch over your brothers and I. Every day I will listen for you in the gentle breeze knowing you are trying out your perfect little angel wings. A piece of me went with you that night. Until I see you again my handsome son, know I will think of you always. I love you so much baby boy.

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