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He is now an angel who got a chance to save lives...

Nathan was born on September 15, 2011.
He was a healthy and happy 4-year-old child.
His best friend was his 6-year-old brother.
He loved his 1-year-old baby brother so much.
He loved his 9-year-old brother a lot too.
He was always trying to keep his baby brother happy.
He always liked to be with daddy to learn, and when he was sick he wanted to be with daddy.
Nathan always used to cut flowers for mommy from the backyard, and when he needed a hug or kiss it was always mommy.
Nathan learned how to ride a two-wheeled bike with no training wheels.
Nathan was so excited because he was going to start kindergarten soon. On his last day he was asking when it was going to be his birthday.
Nathan passed away in February 2016.
That day was a regular day. We picked up Nathan’s brother from school and Nathan wanted to go to his grandma’s house. When we got out of the car the the ice cream truck was coming already so daddy decide to buy ice cream for Nathan and his three brothers.
Daddy crossed the street with Nathan and his three brothers and all the kids got their ice cream. When daddy was paying the ice cream man Nathan excitedly ran with his ice cream to go back to his grandma’s house. When he ran to cross the street, daddy ran to try to get him but was too late. Another truck was coming when Nathan tried to cross the street, and the person in the truck did not slow down, even though there was an ice cream truck with kids, because she did not see Nathan.
Nathan passed away there, and in his mommy’s arms he had his last breath.
The next day we got a call from Donor Network of Arizona to see if we wanted Nathan to be a donor, and we said yes.
Now Nathan is a hero because he donated tissue.
We received a letter weeks later saying that Nathan will save 12 lives, and has already helped four people who received a tissue donation.
Nathan is now an angel who got a chance to save lives.
We miss Nathan so much every day, but we are trying to be strong for Nathan. We are trying to keep his memory alive.
In loving memory of Nathan Andy Valdez Porras.
From: Mommy, Daddy and brothers.
9/15/2011 – 2/2016

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  1. February 1st, 2018 | |

    We all miss Nathan so much every day more ,our lifes have been changed Forever ,nothing is the same anymore. I miss so much Nathans kisses ,he's face,he's smiles,he's hugs ,he's laugh, He's voice just everything..... We just can belive that he has gone to A better place and we know he's okey... Just it's so hard to beilve that's small child and healthy can happen this.... One day you see him next second he has been gone..... I just wasn't prepare for this to happend. I wish I could change everything that day But God it's the only one who has all the answers to my questions. Now we Honoring Nathans life By saving other lifes to others who need it. In loving memory of Nathan Andy ?? From you Mommy. Love you forever my little Angel , You always will be my baby . Love Mommy ❤

  2. February 1st, 2018 | Nathan’s big brother |

    To my little brother Nathan, It all started when going to Rogelio's house.When we got their we all saw a ice cream truck. Me Nathan and Andres wanted ice cream so we stop to get ice cream. My dad was paying for the ice cream. I was the first one to get ice cream so when I got it I when through the road to Rogelio's house. Then when I was going to the back yard I heard a sweeking loud noise from the front. Then worried what happened so I went to the front in till I see blood on my mom's shirt. That was the time I see Nathan with blood on him while he was pass out. In my heart it felt like my heart was dieing. I was crying so much. When the firefighters came they camed me down. So I stopped and I just sat in my chair just thinking that he is going to pass away. The firefighters kept telling me don't worry everything is going to be all right. My nana came to pick me up. We arrived at my nana s house. She offered me a corn dog. That day was the worst place in my life it was worst because it was 10 days for my birthday. Nathan would allways play with Andres and me. He will be the dog and we have to not let him not get us. Rest In Peace Nathan (R.I.P.N).

  3. January 27th, 2018 | Rosa Isela Valdez |

    Nathan is my 6th grandson, he was a beautiful child since he born, beautiful, smart and lovely kid with everybody in the house, I remember when he wanted to be with Nana, he just came and sit on the couch looking around and waiting in case Nana has to go somewhere, then he run into the car and enjoy the ride..his smile illuminated the world and his flirtatious eyes was a dream. Since he died nothing is the same. Celebrations, birthdays and every holiday there is an empty spot that no one can fill. Our consolation is that now he lives in many people ..and each one has a little part of our Nathan..My little and lovable Nathan, now you are an Angel in heaven and watching us..We will love you and we live waiting he day we meet in heaven to kiss and hug you for an eternity. WITH LOVE YOUR NANA!!

  4. January 27th, 2018 | Ashley Tuilefano |

    Nathan was such a sweet boy with a beautiful soul always happy with the most beautiful smile that could light up the world. I will always have the memory of pulling up to the house and Nathan running up to the car with an enormous, glowing smile that would brighten my day. He will forever live on in the hearts of everyone who knew and loved him. He is a Hero and an Angel who touched the lives of everyone here on earth, and continues to do so from Heaven.

    • January 27th, 2018 | Berta Porras |

      Thank you so much for been part of Nathans life and story. Thank you for all the beautiful memories that you keep on your heart ?? Nathan always will be in our hearts. ? God bless you!?

  5. December 28th, 2017 | Patty Sanchez-Valdez |

    Nathan - this is yr daddy Cuzin . I love never forget the first time I met you. We got to spent time at hotel and swim. The years have gone by... yr memory and love continues to grow. Mommy, Daddy, yr brothers , Nana, Tata , Cuzin’s and family continue to celebrate yr life. Please continue to look after each and everyone... I know, I have witnessed it, you often come around... give us signs you are there. We love the feeling knowing you are❤️. We love you Nathan; you r defiantly an Angel in heaven... Love - Patty Sanchez-Valdez Ps: It makes me feel good knowing you have helped others in need... You r defiantly a Hero and Angel in our eyes...


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