(English) Monica M. Braastad, Donante

(English) Monica M. Braastad Regístrate en honor de Monica

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She loved life and is truly missed by many...

Monica died in March 2018, very unexpectedly. Her husband, Brian, wanted her heart to keep beating, so he agreed to donate her organs to save others. He was a little afraid to donate because they had never discussed her being a donor. He had health problems and had always said that he would like to be a donor, but he never expected her to go before him. He will tell you that he did it for purely selfish reasons; he wanted her heart to continue to beat. She truly had a great heart. She didn’t have a lot to give but what she had she gave freely and without reservation. She loved life and pushed herself into yours whether you were ready for her or not. She is truly missed by so very many, but I’m sure she’s in heaven with family and friends enjoying herself and getting to know everyone who has gone on before her.

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  1. May 12th, 2020 | Amanda |

    She is my big sister and I miss her everyday.she was so beautiful on so many levels.i miss her so much 😢

  2. May 10th, 2019 | Delia |

    I do miss her!!! She was my “cell mate” as we called it at work. LOL she taught me so much, helped me so much!!! Cheered me up on my worst days!! She really brightened my days when we were working! I miss her all the time! Think about her. CONSTANTLY!!


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