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He lived his life abundantly for many, many years...

Unfortunately, most donors die tragically and we lost ours to suicide. I lost my best friend and my one true love that day. We had 35 wonderful years together. He was a creative, kind and gentle man who struggled to live with deep and debilitating sadness that overwhelmed him in the end of his life. His decisions at the end of his life did not define who he was though. He lived his life abundantly for many, many years. He was devoted to me, his kids and his grandkids. We all adored him. He gave us all great love and a wonderful life full of colorful and exciting adventures and memories. He served in his community and gave generously and anonymously to those in need. Our 30-year-old son said it perfectly: “There were so many questions I still had to ask him and so many things I still had to learn from him.” We are so devastated, but our comfort lies in knowing we will see him again one day.

We are also comforted in the end of his life by this one last act of kindness, in the form of gifts of life to those people who needed a special part of him, so that their families could continue to be blessed by their loved one’s life. We were honored to carry out this final act of kindness for our “Joe” and all the recipients. May God bless them and their families abundantly, as we were blessed. Leslie

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  1. September 30th, 2022 | Susan Shields |

    Oh my dear friend Leslie. Only two days ago, while visiting with Pierce Shaw in Scottsdale did I learn that our world has lost a most decent and honorable man - your Joe, our Joe. One needed only to see and be seen in Joe's eyes a reflection of love, acceptance, understanding, and compassion. Joe was uncommonly sensitive to the world of nature and the companionship of animals. But once, at one moment of misery, alone and self-reproachful, Joe stood at that precipice of two directions his life would follow. It was not a choice; it was a misstep, a slip, a tumble over the edge into a darkness that grabbed him. He could not see it coming, you could not, no one could. His final despair had clouded his window into the love from you, the children and the grandchildren; but I can assure you with absolute certainty, personal and spiritual experience, that Joe, now existing in the spirit which we all loved, is joyful, jubilant, free of guilt, shame, sorrow. His spirit is right alongside you every day you live in body. He has visited you, you have sensed his presence; but you wept. That's fine. But now remember to whisper, "Thank you, Joe," each new time you think of him, feel his presence, sense his love.

  2. July 8th, 2020 | Janet Dotts |

    I'm not much on words about people, but I knew Joe from the time he was about two. He was always thoughtful, caring and loving. He felt a very deep deed to make people feel loved and he always gave the tightest hugs. You just knew he cared. He was a fair,,honest and honorable man. I went many years inbetween seeing Joe but when I did see him it was like no time had passed. The last time I saw Joe was at my nieces wedding. I don't dance, but he got me up on the dance floor. That is a warm memory I will never forget. This is a man that if you ever met him you were so very fortunate. I will forever miss my little Joe and his smile and hugs. May you always be at.peace, as I know you now are. We lost a man that this world doesn't see often. Thank you for your generosity to those that you never met but gave life to. 😢💕

  3. June 25th, 2018 | Leslie Lewis |

    June 25th, 2018, Leslie Lewis I did not handle the anniversary of your death very gracefully. I was beyond devastated as the details of our loss a year ago flooded me with grief. My year of "Firsts" is over, but It hasn't gotten any easier. I can't even say I have learned to live with it, but I am trying very hard. You have missed so much of our lives as our daughter so proudly graduated nursing school, our son has worked hard to make you proud running your business successfully and our grandchildren have reached milestones, becoming more precious with each passing day. But your presence is still so obviously lacking in our lives and nothing is the same without you.. A very comforting moment for us all was receiving 2 letters from your donation recipients. There were so many recipients and we would be blessed to receive notes from them all, but are so very grateful for these two. These were shared with your mother and father, your brother, and of course your children. Thank you to all the recipients who take the time to say "Thank you" and let us (the donor families) know how your lives were changed. It means so much to us and goes a long way in healing for us. Please don't hesitate to say "Thank you" to your donor families. I know it takes courage to do so and we very much appreciate it. Leslie

  4. February 7th, 2018 | Anonymous |

    Today, Feb. 7, is your 56th birthday and our first birthday without you. It's a tough day for all who love you. We are remembering your life today. I am so very grateful for every day of our 35 years together that God allowed me to spend with you, including the bad ones! You will always be with us because you left each of us with a piece of you in the form of good times, lasting memories and your deep love for us all. We were blessed by your presence. Leslie

  5. December 13th, 2017 | Leslie Lewis |

    I am reminded of our unimaginable loss as I look at this picture taken a year ago. A loving family in tact looking forward to all of our tomorrows and the new year to come. Today we struggle every second, minute, and hour of each day with the loss of our beloved husband, father and Gee-pa. He is so missed. There are no words to express our sadness and yet we go on without him. I remind everyone to remember that all we have is today and that there are no promises of tomorrow. I pray for the individuals and families of the recipients of our loss and pray they are thriving and that they will have a joyous holiday season with their loved ones. May God bless all of you and may you remember to cherish every day with those you love. .


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