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Lindsay was a very caring, loving person...

Lindsay was a very caring, loving person who loved all animals and just wanted to rescue them all. The simplest things made Lindsay happy and all she ever wanted was just to be loved. She has a son and daughter she loved very much and her family misses her tremendously.

Lindsay struggled with addiction when she got in with the wrong crowd and wasn’t strong enough to break away from her addiction and came to Arizona to start a new life. Unfortunately, her desire to be loved got her involved with the wrong people again and that was a decision that ended her life. Lindsay was honored as an organ donor and saved two people’s lives with her kidneys when she was taken off artificial support in September of 2022. Lindsay is forever 33.

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  1. December 14th, 2023 | Beth |

    Linds has inspired me to become an organ donor. Such a selfless person just trying to find her way. Her story is saving lives in so many ways she has no idea. You are very loved and missed very much. Thank you for being a part of my life and blessing us with your children.

  2. December 13th, 2023 | Linda Cordes |

    These passages are so exactly Lindsay And I know if she were here she’d ask everyone to donate. I hope many will donate in her honor, she’d be so proud

  3. December 13th, 2023 | Donate Life Arizona |

    Lindsay was a very sweet loving very naive woman who would love any animal that needed loving including her beloved Lexi. She’d befriend anyone who needed a friend. Who basically trusted and believed anyone she came in contact with. She was active in band, played the flute and was also in track. She has two children, a son and daughter who she loved dearly. Unfortunately, Lindsay’s path led her to people who took her down a deep dark path. She would never see the evil that was right in front of her. Her family so loved her, but she was kept away from them by the same evilness that found her. Even in death she helped two people with her kidneys and donated pancreas to research. As a coincidence, her sister had pancreatic cancer, so very fitting. Lindsay believed her life didn’t matter. If I could have her back, I’d spend an eternity telling her how much her life did matter and how much her whole family loves her. To the recipients of her kidneys, you need to know you got your kidney from an angel who did walk this earth who is very much loved.


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