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Leonard, better known as Buddy, was a beloved father, husband and Papa. He grew up in Tucson and studied marine biology before meeting the love of his life, Julie, with whom he had 2 children. He was an active father coaching ball, leading 4H, camping, hiking and fishing all over Arizona. He was an avid explorer and antique ‘picker’. Later he was a doting grandfather of  5. He loved to help anyone in need like a friend who needed a place to stay while going through a hard time, feeding “foreign exchange students” passing through our place in southern Arizona, buying desks for girls in Africa or wells for a village. He left a legacy in his family but as an organ donor he was able to donate a cornea, restoring sight to a 15 year old boy in Pakistan. Letting him continue to see the world through someone else’s eyes which is super cool! He also provided bone & tissue to multiple donors which he would be so thrilled about! We love & miss you, Papa! You will NEVER be forgotten ❤️

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