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My Thornless Beauty...

When Laura was once asked whom she most admired, she responded, “Every Sherpa who risks his life to pave the route up Mount Everest each season. My unending admiration goes out to these unsung heroes.” The Sherpas are the tribe of people who make it possible for others to climb and fulfill their dreams. It was not the famous adventurers that impressed Laura. It was the silent workers who go ahead of the climbers to the lay the ropes and carry the huge burdens of food and supplies on their backs for climbers who will later write their memoirs. Laura’s heroes cooked the meals and carried the climber down the mountain when he became too exhausted to take even one more step. Laura saw beyond and she saw deeper than most.

She had a powerful faith in God and would never, ever compromise her principals. Her convictions and morals were nonnegotiable and always based on deep sentiments. Laura had an innocent soul. She was the most loving and gentle person I have ever known. I never heard her say something negative about another person or judge or criticize. Laura was a passionate giver and, as an organ donor, would have been so proud that, in her death, she was able to share so much of herself with others.

My cousin sent me his personal eulogy for Laura and I’d like to share just a bit of it. He said:

“The way I see people is that we are each like a rose, maybe a different color, maybe a little thorny. We all have thorns that keep us safe and secure, but deny us the beauty of individual fragrances. With Laura, one did not have to navigate the thorns to be immersed in her fragrance.”

She used to tell me at least five times per day that she loved me – whenever she happened to walk past me or leave the room we were in. Now, I think she was getting a lifetime of “I love you’s” into her brief 26 years.

Her heart never tired of giving to others and there was never anyone more loyal…truly a rose without thorns!

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