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He enjoyed the adventure of life...

Larry was a bear of a man – a teddy bear. Both men and women enjoyed his company. He was easy to get to know – likeable and honest. Consequently, he made and retained friends from all parts of his life. Larry kept in touch with people he’d known since middle school, the Navy, family from all over, and people he met at Raytheon and when he was breeding and racing horses. He liked people and they must have understood that. He would lend a hand to anyone, even those he barely knew, if he could.

It seems that Larry enjoyed the adventure of life. He traveled when he was in the Navy. He served in Vietnam during the war aboard the original USS Enterprise. While there, he visited many parts of the Far East. Later, he worked in Saudi Arabia and traveled in Europe. He visited many U.S. states as well. Larry enjoyed his life and opened his arms to everyone and everything that came his way. We miss that passion and the smile he wore, but we are grateful for the years we had together and the memories.

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