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I'm forever grateful to my donor and their family...

On June 15, 2022, after having had my last oncology checkup the CAT scan revealed two enlarged lymph nodes in my chest. The doctor suggested we do a biopsy just to make sure and believed all would be fine. The day after the biopsy I couldn’t breathe and went to emergency, where I was diagnosed with heart failure. It seemed like the chemo that saved me from cancer had done considerable damage to my heart, enough to require a transplant. I was admitted to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, and after many tests and procedures was placed on the transplant list on Aug. 25, 2022.

My transplant team informed me that I would be a hard match due to body size and blood type, however in September by miracle I had a donor and was on my way to another chance at life. I was overwhelmed with emotion and my immediate thoughts went to the donor and their family imagining what they were going through with their loss, but also how loving and selfless someone could be to give of themselves so others they may never know can go on living.

I was told that I had broken the record at Mayo for getting a transplant and being ready to go home just 10 days later, to me yet another miracle. I’m at my 5-month mark after transplant and am doing very well. I’ve committed myself to promote donation and continue to post on my LinkedIn account to encourage others to become donors. It’s been just over a month and my message has reached around 5,000 people. I know that several who weren’t donors before are now and I can only hope that my message keeps growing so others will as well.

I’m forever grateful to my donor and their family for the gift they game me and will live the rest of mine doing whatever I can to honor them.

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  1. March 16th, 2023 | Tara Trigg |

    Kevin, you are amazing and beyond inspirational . You have aced cardiac rehab and I can’t wait to see how your journey continues to unfold. Keep with it ! and everyone at Mayo Clinic is always here for support !


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