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It is the little things like that which remind me of his love for life...

Juan was born on April 12, 1991. He was born with Spina Bifida and his doctors didn’t think he was going to live beyond age 8. He overcame a lot of obstacles and accomplished many things most people didn’t think he could do, one of which was graduating high school in 2010. He also participated in the Special Olympics and won 4 medals in various events. His determination not only filled him with pride, it also made those who knew him proud. To know him is to love him. He had the soul of an angel, it radiated by way of his beautiful smile and big bright brown eyes. He was a very lovable boy and he brought many smiles to his family and the people close to him. He was always telling jokes just so he could see people smile. I still laugh as I remember him telling his favorite joke: “Knock Knock…. Who’s there…. Boo…. Boo who…. It’s just a joke you don’t have to cry.” It is the little things like that which remind me of his love for life.
Juan never shied away from those he did not know, he would smile, talk and offer help to everyone. His caring nature lives on; he gave the gift of life to four strangers. Never the selfish person, I’m confident he feels pure joy knowing he has helped in a way no one could ever imagine. He will always be remembered as a compassionate person, giving well beyond his means.

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