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We are forever bonded in love...

I unexpectedly lost my beloved youngest son Josh, 26, to a traumatic brain injury from a vehicle/pedestrian accident. Although he initially died and was resuscitated in the helicopter en-route to the trauma center, he heroically clung to this side of life. He stayed barely long enough to allow his brother, Brandon, sister, Brittany, and I to express our eternal and unconditional love for him as he passed onward toward even more love, light, peace and grace. I am convinced he unselfishly stayed alive just for us.

I am completely shattered, and I weep in my sleep. I randomly scream out his name in my car, hoping nobody can hear me – and yet hoping that Joshua somehow can.

We discovered he registered himself as a body and organ donor. After he died, they told me he will help dozens of children and people see, walk and live longer, healthier lives. A dedicated and accomplished athlete all his life, he was quite the health and fitness nut. He studied and trained to be a Wildland Firefighter. I find great comfort that even in death, he wanted to give back.

Like my father, he grew into a big, strong man of few words. He was an introvert, unlike his gregarious brother and sister. He loved us fiercely, as we loved him. His heart and soul were pure gold – compassionate, humble and that of a champion warrior.

I often caught him “stealing” money out of my wallet, or nutritional bars and bottled water from our kitchen, and then quietly bolting back outside and passing them out to the homeless he had observed around dumpsters on the outskirts of his college campus, like Robin Hood.

Thank you taking the time to read about our love for this young man, our quiet hero. You honored him, his achingly short life here, and our family in that.

Oh Joshua, my hope is to hug you and hold you again someday. Brandon, Brittany and I love you INFINITELY and miss you with all our hearts & souls.

We are forever bonded in love, and our love for each other is NOT LIMITED by our primitive understandings of consciousness.

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  1. August 23rd, 2017 | Debbie |

    A very good friend and colleague was contacted early Wednesday morning that a match for a new heart for her young son was found. He was born with a heart defect and struggled most of his life with illnesses and multiple surgeries. Just 33 days ago he was approved for a transplant.Your post made me wonder if your son was his donor. His transplant surgery was just completed about an hour ago and he's doing well. The funny thing is, this sweet little boy's name is also Joshua. Regardless of whether or not he has your son's heart, just felt you needed to know how very much your son's selfless decision is appreciated. This little boy's life is about to change and he will be able to run and play like other little boys his age because someone like your Josh cared enough to register. I'm so very sorry for your family's loss. But it was not in vain and he is already making a huge difference in many other lives. God bless you and your family.


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