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His generosity and genuine spirit were unmatched...

Jojo was the kindest and most generous soul I was privileged to know and call my sweet boy. He was an 18-year-old, fresh out of high school in the middle of a pandemic, and starting college in a state a million miles away from me. He loved music, reading, animals, laughing, playing video games, working on cars, and so much more. He was a Life Scout and part of the Order of the Arrow. His generosity and genuine spirit were unmatched. He would give his very last dollar to someone in need. When he received his license, he made the decision to be a donor. No questions or thoughts other than he would want to be able to help someone in need. He would be so proud to know that he will help countless lives and have a positive impact as a tissue donor. I am so proud of him every single day.

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