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He will live on in our hearts and souls...

John Keays, age 23, passed away peacefully in Phoenix in his sleep lying next to his loving wife, Sarah Keays. John was born on May 6, 1994, in Phoenix, AZ. Son of Marcella Goldsberry and Marty Keays, husband of Sarah Keays, and survived by a large, loving family. John loved technology and wanted to repair computers professionally. John was an active part of many lives, texting frequently and keeping everyone updated. He was good at making people feel loved and wanted. John will continue to live on in our hearts and souls. To quote one of his favorite books,

“…to the well-organized mind, death is but the great next adventure.”

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  1. April 7th, 2021 | Mom Virden |

    It has been a while since I have posted. Not a day goes by, that I don't think of him. He brought such fun and smiles to my life. I have passed on his "Game" to my students. One of my older kids hates me right now. LOL! He comes to my class thinking he will annoy me and I just tell him that I lost the "Game". "I hate you!!" Makes me smile! Thanks for introducing me to such an awesome way to annoy my kids! You would be so proud of me!!! Miss you bunches, babe!! Thanks for bringing me such happiness!!

  2. March 2nd, 2018 | Brenda |

    John was always decking my house to the hilt for Christmas. The day before he died, Sarah and I drove around the corner to pull into the driveway. There was John sitting on the top of my roof with a huge smile on his face surrounded by white sparkling lights. He was seated in between my 2 dorners, sitting on his butt with his knees pulled into his chest. He was so proud! We lit a fire that night. I asked if he checked for a no burn day. His response was, I will pay the fee. LOL! I miss you!!

  3. December 29th, 2017 | Kirsten Meikle |

    During a rough time for me John would always make me laugh and between him and Lisa they made some of my lowest moments bearable. I can never thank you enough for just being your goofy self. Even if you did tell the whole school I was pregnant. He also gave me a ride to my car because I couldn’t really walk. He was and is a good guy. You are missed. I’m so glad I knew you.

  4. December 28th, 2017 | Mom |

    Sometimes I have believed in as much as 6 impossible things before breakfast. Lewis Carol

  5. December 28th, 2017 | April,Acevedo |

    I came to love John as if he was my own. I knew he was extraordinary at age13 due to the level of kindness and enlightened maturity he possessed. Over the years he gave me unlimited reasons to feel awe inspired, proud and occasionally at a loss for words. I got to see this magical boy grow to become the kind of man and husband all men should strive to be like. I feel so blessed and honored that he became a part of my family and grateful for the happiness he inspired. Thinking about John being a donor brings me comfort and joy as his gifts will enrich the lives of others. Do I wish he were still here with us? Well sure that would be wonderful, but in his passing he is still doing good works and since I believe that he has been called home to Heavenly Father; I wouldn't dare ask to take him out of the eternal paradise he is so deserving of. I will just have to be patient and keep strong in my faith that we will reunite when I am summoned home..

  6. December 27th, 2017 | Anonymous |


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