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The need continues, and continues to expand...

John is a life long blood donor, and knew that transplantation was happening, but thought it was a rare event; for siblings, parents, children, and a lucky few with tissue matches, like the marrow transplant list. He knew that many people spent years on dialysis. He knew that it was a challenging therapy, but it wasn’t anything he felt he had any personal power to address. He had identifying himself as wanting to be an organ, eye, and tissue donor to his loved ones and on his driver’s license decades ago.

He first learned of an acquaintance’s hope for a preemptive transplant from a living kidney donor in early September, 2001. This was the first time he was aware he, personally, could act to help someone in need of a transplant. During his workup to become a donor he became active as a participant and discussion moderator at Living Donors Online. Since donating, he has continued to serve as a Transplant Buddy at LDO and has been engaged in national public policy development to assist in improving transplantation practice.

The need continues, and continues to expand. You, personally, can respond to that need. Take action. Make an informed choice, whether you become a donor, living, deceased, or not. Become a donor candidate!

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