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His legacy was what he left in each of our hearts...

John was my best friend and husband of 18 years, father of three for 35 years, uncle for 50 plus years, brother for 65 years, grandpa for eight years and friends to many through his lifetime. You knew when you met John, he left a piece of himself with all that he touched. He loved life and the relationships he nurtured and fostered along the way. He would tell me “if the Good Lord takes me tomorrow, I am ready. I have lived life.” I used to tell him he lived the life of three people. And not so fast. I am not as comfortable with my mortality, and I need him around longer. But that was not part of God’s perfect plan, and I know now how John felt to be prepared to meet Jesus. He was afraid of nothing. He was ambitious, hardworking and passionate in all he faced in his life. He was determined to leave a legacy, hence his Vineyard was his Eden on earth. He created the most beautiful setting from nothing but weeds and mesquite bushes. The Vineyard was his celebration of all his hard work. He was so proud to show anyone who would come by how his vines grew, how his tractor worked, and how he was creating his vision for the best-looking vineyard and the best grown grapes and eventual quality wine. John was self-taught for everything that the Vineyard produced. He was proud of all the books he read. He educated himself on farming, grape growing and wine making. Always by John’s bedside was the current book he was reading to educate himself, a dictionary and his bible. Although John was a complicated man he had one simple desire. He wanted to have a family picture with everyone together. He thought his vineyard would be that catalyst to bring his fractured family together. What John did not realize was that his legacy was what he left in each of our hearts. Good, bad or indifferent, you knew John left his mark. I have never met and probably will never meet again a man filled with such passion. Even after his death his generosity of spirit lives on in others.

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  1. June 13th, 2019 | Karen |

    I miss you John and wish you were here to celebrate Father's Day. Your daughter and son miss you!


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