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I miss you every day...

Joelle, I miss you every day. I miss your laugh, your smile, telling me your cheeks hurt so much from me making you laugh, fighting over who heard the latest R&B song you or I and you giving me a hard time when I tell you a song is horrible and you would get into my Jeep and I would be playing it and you would always say “I told you you would love that song” lol.

I miss you. I have so many fun, crazy, unforgettable memories of you and I that I will always keep in my heart. You were my wife, my best friend, my person I would go to for a good and bad day, our ritual of our Sunday lunches, kicking your butt at mini golf, laying in bed eating food together, waking up either with you on my chest or my head asleep on your chest. I miss you so much baby. You are so beautiful. I love you. And I will only get married in my life once, and I am beyond grateful you were the one that I married and we both said “I do” too in Riverside California.

I will never cover up our matching tattoos. I keep your pictures and notes and cards close to me. I love you and I miss you. I hope you are no longer in pain and healthy and safe again. So many times I pick up the phone to say I love you, now I pray to say I love you because I know you hear me.

I love you Joelle DeBusschere-Boehnke , my wife and my best friend and soul mate and my other half. Love your wife (your tattooed wife) Tiffany DeBusschere-Boehnke.

PS: I miss you saying “negative soldier “to me lol..I miss snuggling on the couch with you for movie nights, going to do random things. I love you and I promise you Joelle I will make you proud. I love you Joelle DeBusschere-Boehnke – My beautiful wife.
Tiffany DeBusschere-Boehnke

I hope you felt the kiss on your head I gave you in the hospital and I hope you knew I was with you at the hospital. I miss you baby. I hope you also heard me read your card to you in the hospital.
I love you Joelle DeBusschere-Boehnke

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  1. August 24th, 2015 | Angela |

    Tiffany and Jai's love was so touching and unconditional to see and watch. Being in their lives,spending time with them, I longed for that type of relationship and I always hoped to find what they had together. There was no doubt they were crazy for one another and in love. They were a true definition of Bonnie and Cylde. I hope to have one day what they had together. They were an amazing beautiful pair. God bless you both. Tiffany know your wife is not angry at you and she is with you daily watching over you and near you. Know that she is with you and she misses and loves you as well.


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