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Two Miracles for Jill...

After being diagnosed with kidney failure in 1992, I was blessed to receive a living kidney donation from my husband and best friend, George Bowers. On June 3, 1998, he donated to me and we both enjoyed excellent health for the next fourteen years! What a miracle for me to receive the Gift of Life and Love all in one package!

Unfortunately, I became ill in 2012 and a biopsy revealed that George’s donated kidney was failing. Enter the world of education and the generosity of students and teachers! When I was a principal back in the early 1990’s, I had the opportunity to have Katie Faber Moorhead as one of my eighth grade students. After successful high school and college careers, she is currently the instrumental music teacher at Greenfield Junior High, where I retired as the principal in 2008. Hearing of my illness, Katie prayed and felt that donating her kidney to me was the right thing to do. Her husband Cord supported her 100% and the rest is another miracle! On July 25, 2012, Katie became my living donor for my second kidney transplant! Not one day goes by that I don’t thank Katie for her generosity and for giving me my second Gift of Life!

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