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His presence was irreplaceable and he will forever be missed...

Jason was a wonderful father, son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend. It shows in how much he is missed and cherished. Jason was a one-of-a-kind person. He was very giving and unselfish. You could always count on Jason to give you his last, no matter what it was. That is why it was no surprise that he became an organ donor.

Honestly, words cannot describe the person that Jason was. If anything, they don’t do him any justice. His presence was irreplaceable and he will forever be missed. Jason was the definition of loyalty. This loyalty always shone through, especially when it came to his family and friends.

He had one of the biggest smiles ever! It was out of this world and so beautiful. That smile always lit up the room and was so contagious. You could tell Jason about your problems, and that smile would spread across his face and make your worries disappear. He made sure you always felt his presence no matter how far away or close you were to him.

Even though he is not here physically, he still lives on through the people that have his organs as well as through his children.

As a family, we hold tight to our memories for comfort, and lean on each other for strength. We always remember how much Jason cared about us. Plus, Jason’s smile was so bright, that it’s hard not to smile as well when we think about it on our hard days.

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  1. June 24th, 2013 | Tiffanyt M Clark |

    Missing you by the hour, by the min and by the sec. Crazy how the good dies young but at the same time i am happy that you arre at peace vs living in this world of Hate!!! Not rushig my time, but cant wait til be with you, my mom and my grandparents again. I love u JPz and thank you for showing me the TRUE meaning of loving someone!!!


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