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I can still remember the moment, it was April 2017, and I came to Arizona to visit my son and his children. We were out bowling at Westgate and I noticed my son’s driver’s license said donor. I questioned him about it and his reply was, “Mom I’ll be gone, why do I need them when someone else could use them.” I caught myself feeling selfish at that moment, but I left it alone not knowing his time to leave this world would come just a year later. His father and I wanted respect his decision on donating his organs so that others could continue to live in his honor. To know and maybe meet his recipients someday would be a blessing for us as parents. Jarrayd, know that we are proud of you and we know you left a legacy of gifts, because my son was a kindhearted man with a beautiful smile who loved his family and children so much. Although he kept to himself, he was always delightful to be around. You are our HERO!

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