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He always believed in helping others...

My father, Heriberto Medina Bahena, was the best father in the world! My daddy was a great son, husband, father, grandpa, brother, uncle and friend! He was born in Morelos, Mexico, on March 16, 1963, and came to Arizona in mid 1987. My dad sacrificed his wife, Maria Barrera, his two daughters: myself, Griselda Medina, and my sister, Nubia Medina, at the time by leaving us behind in Mexico while he came to the U.S. for a better life and future for us. He came and worked hard and brought the three of us to the US after he got his green card later in 1988.

After we came here to Arizona my parents had three more children: Leslie, Israel and Heriberto Jr. My dad was a very strong and loving person, and he always worried about others. His priority was always his family, and that is one value we learned from him. He always believed in helping others, because he taught us that God wanted us to help others in any possible way, whether it was giving them a hand, a dollar, or a chance at life.

One day I came home from work and he came to visit me and his grandson and we started talking about being an organ donor because I mentioned to him that I was registering as a donor. He said he was very proud of me that I had made that decision to help others, and he asked me to help him register, because he also wanted to help others even after he was gone. So that day we both registered as donors. I am so happy I share that memory with him because we did it together, and that meant a lot to both of us. I am very proud of my dad and of the values he taught us.

The saddest day of my life was in June 2015, when we lost him. I miss him so much every day! I will never forget everything he taught us: to love life, live it to the fullest and help others in need. Since then everyone in our family is a registered donor. Thank you dad for everything. We love you so much and miss you with all our hearts! We will never forget you daddy! ‘Til we meet again, my love!

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