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I am so proud of you...

This is a short story about my dad and how he not only gave during his life, but wanted to be able to give what he could upon his death. My dad and I took turns cooking on Wednesday night, one week at my house, and the next at his. A favorite memory was one Wednesday afternoon when my 10-month-old son was especially challenging, demanding all of my attention even after I took time to play with him and give him some extra “mommy time.” My dad came in the side door to find my house a disaster and me trying to cook with my young son literally wrapped around my leg! My dad poured me a cold drink, picked up my screaming child and walked him around the block, bringing home a perfectly happy little boy! A few years later he passed away from a variety of illnesses. Although he did not qualify to donate tissue, he was able to donate his corneas. We received a letter soon after stating that vision had been restored to two people! I felt so blessed. I love you, Dad, and am so proud of you!

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