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This is a short story about my dad and how he not only gave during his life, but wanted to be able to give what he could upon his death. My dad and I took turns cooking on Wednesday night, one week at my house, and the next at his. A favorite memory was one Wednesday afternoon when my 10-month-old son was especially challenging, demanding all of my attention even after I took time to play with him and give him some extra “mommy time.” My dad came in the side door to find my house a disaster and me trying to cook with my young son literally wrapped around my leg! My dad poured me a cold drink, picked up my screaming child and walked him around the block, bringing home a perfectly happy little boy! A few years later he passed away from a variety of illnesses. Although he did not qualify to donate tissue, he was able to donate his corneas. We received a letter soon after stating that vision had been restored to two people! I felt so blessed. I love you, Dad, and am so proud of you!

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  1. August 27th, 2020 | Audrey Hollatz |

    This month will mark 17 years since you left us. There is rarely a day that goes by when you are not thought about, or prayed for. So many of us worry about leaving a "legacy" and to most that is a monetary gift to our loved ones. I feel that money is a fleeting thing, often abused by the recipient, and not very often received in the manner that our loved one would have wished. Money is a necessary evil, allowing us to live and eat. My dad left us a legacy that is far greater than any amount of money he could have left. I learned many things from my father when I was an adult myself, raising my own family. We spoke nearly every day and often shared meals at each other's home. One of my strongest memories was when I made the decision to move out of town, 2 hours away. He came over and had a long conversation with me about how he felt that decision was a mistake, that I ought to stay right where I was. I had already decided what i was doing and continued to pack the next day, appreciative of his input but determined to do what I thought was best for my family. Although he was not angry I sort of knew that I may not see him for a while, and that made me sad. I was wrong. On moving day my dad showed up with his large van and filled it with all of our clothes and some of the kids' toys. He had tears in his eyes as we unpacked at my new home, but he held his head high and reminded me that he was still there for me no matter what.

  2. August 4th, 2019 | Anonymous |

    Although you have been gone 16 years, all of us, your family members, still take turns holding the medal awarded in your honor for the gift of your corneas, restoring vision to two people without any sight. I am proud to be your daughter and I have worked with AZ Donor Network helping to make others aware of the marvelous gifts that organ and tissue donation are. Even if you are not sure if you would be a candidate, please contact the Donor Network and speak with someone who can help you. I did not believe that my dad would be able to donate such a gift, but we learned that our corneas do not have a blood supply, so even if your health is not good, your corneas could still be a miraculous gift to someone without any sight! My dad used to say that when he died he wouldn't be needing anything and he wanted us to find out who he could help, I hope that the two people now seeing life through my dad's eyes are viewing life as a precious gift, and one day when we die, what a loving gift we could pass on to someone.


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