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I'm so happy I finally registered to be a donor...

Hello. My name is Gretchen, and today I registered as a donor through the MVD here in Arizona. About three years ago, my mother passed away from sepsis due to a terrible intestinal blockage. It was awfully painful for her because her organs were shutting down and dying. My family and I lost her very suddenly. She got ill on a Monday and was on life support by the next day, and she died the next Saturday. Since the day I lost her I’ve wondered if she could have lived had she had a multi-organ transplant. I never asked and I feel so bad about that! I honestly believe that her organs shut down so fast that there wasn’t any time for a transplant. Still, to this day I wish I could have donated something, anything to keep her alive!! I’m so happy I finally registered to be a donor today!! I hope to one day give someone-no, many people-my organs in order for them to live!!

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