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He knew how to spread love and kindness...

Dylan, 18, was the best friend of my 16-year-old daughter, Emma. Dylan loved playing all sports, but had a passion for baseball. He played from the age of 2 until he graduated high school. Dylan had a way of putting smiles on the faces of others without even trying. He knew how to spread love, kindness, passion and fun in anything he did. Dylan’s life was cut short on early morning in May 2019, when he fell off his skateboard, hitting his head. After five days in the ICU his fight was over, but his love of life would live on in others. When Dylan was 17-years-old, his mom asked ‘when getting a state ID, do you know what it means to sign up to be a donor?’ Dylan didn’t know until his mom explained it means if you pass away you have the ability to give your organs to save the lives of others. He signed up that day with no second thought. I hope many families get to celebrate another birthday, smile for another family picture, hug their loved one tight, and make many new memories with someone they love because of this honorable young man’s selfless gift.

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