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She was an all-around wonderful and loving person...

Divine Mae was born on 8/6/88. She was an all-around wonderful and loving person. In her 27 years she brought joy, delight, and a sense of joy to everyone she met and to everything she gave her heart to. She was a social, outgoing, big-hearted people pleaser. We all miss her more each day!

Being the person she was, she donated her kidneys, lungs, pancreas and heart so that others could live on and be healthy, thus continuing the circle of love that spread from all around her.

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  1. December 28th, 2016 | br |

    my name is brian lopez obando...im her exhusband...allthou our marriege didnt work out as i wanted it!! i never wanted this for her...i was deported to costa rica...but i really wished i was over ther to help her on anything!! teh day we got married was the day i realized she loved me...but i figured in time from her that we actually had our differences...not so huge to say!! but they were problems in our 6 years!!!brian was born and things became harder...specialy with her parents that wich i never felt welcome!! i always thougt they hated me cuz i just wanted to be with her for the american pappers....!! although in america its a huge problem...i loved divine more than the stupid pappers!! ..i loved her gothic lil style...her eyes ...her beeing shorter than me...her beeing american...my white girl...mi amor...i wanted her to go see the world...costa rican...mexico...bring our son...have that car...i loved her singing...enven thoug she didnt know the words sometiimes...she did it cuz she loved it!!...i miss her lots...and i dont want anyone to try to deny i loved her...I was obsesed with the future i pictured with her and brian...and i jsut wanted her to straight up....and all of her family to trust me...i had it made...but jsut not in usa!! now days...i still miss her...and if patricia hates me...im sorry...i loved her truely!! i cant even belive i am writing this!! to all...im sorry ..i am carrying alot of weight after her leaving!! and as time goes...i dont want to forget anything ..good or bad!! cuz to me she was my god teaching me to apreasiate wut i have now...and not treat them bad and be greatefull!!!

  2. September 11th, 2016 | Kelley Aldrich |

    I loved Devine like my own daughter, we acted exactly like a mom&daughter act with each other, in fact she called me momma, I'm her street mom, she was an absolutely beautiful and amazing person, although I miss her more than any words can express but I'm more happy she will never have to suffer in anyway ever again.

  3. September 7th, 2016 | Kevin Fosnot |

    I wish there were more I could have done to help you

  4. September 7th, 2016 | Kevin Fosnot |

    Devi was a very special person to me as she was my first girlfriend ever in highschool.I just found what she wrote in my yearbook.She just kind of disappeared a year or 2 after highschool and I never heard from her again.She meant a lot to me I tried my damndest to help her until she vanished.RIP Devi even though you went away I never forgot you.

  5. April 30th, 2016 | Anonymous |



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