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He was loving and happy...

Dimitri was 21 years old and very healthy. He was attending college and testing to join the LAPD. He was my fourth of five children and my youngest son. Dimitri was loving and happy and fun and smart. He went to bed one night complaining of right upper GI pain and woke up the next morning in acute liver failure. We had no other warning. The hospital did one test after another and could not give us a reason why his liver failed. After three grueling months in the hospital it was obvious that he needed a liver transplant, so in October 2010 he received the gift of life. We were so grateful to the donor who so unselfishly gave Dimitri this gift. Unfortunately, only 18 months after receiving this amazing gift, Dimitri was diagnosed with AML leukemia and at the age of 23 years and 27 days old, we lost him.

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