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Thanks to a transplant, my friend has a wonderful quality of life...

About six months ago, a very good friend of mine became very ill. He had heart problems, but now he was extremely ill. He could barely breathe. He was in the ICU at a local hospital, but was in such bad shape that within a day was in a coma under life support. He was transferred to a heart hospital. The doctors said he would not walk out of the hospital without a transplant. As his wife was living in Colorado, he was flown to a hospital there, waiting for a transplant. Two hearts came in, but were not a complete match. The surgeons didn’t think he could last much longer, but a miracle occurred. A donor’s heart came in and was an identical match. After all the other organs were removed for other patients, the heart was ready for a transplant. My friend went through the transplant. Several biopsies were done and there were no rejections. He is now working again and with his family and friends, completely rejection free. He now has a wonderful quality of life!

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