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A kindhearted, sensitive and fun-loving guy...

My husband Dave was a kindhearted, sensitive, fun-loving, family-oriented guy. The end of his life came quickly. We are still in shock mode.

Our family rescued, rehabilitated, and released wildlife of all kinds. Lil Girl, daddy’s puppy, misses him pretty bad. Chaz, his kitty, sleeps in his chair all the time like he’s waiting for daddy to return. Our daughter, Rachel, is 16, she misses her dad beyond measure and of course I do too. But someone has to be strong!

Dave loved his family, pets, and our hobby of Tombstone replication dressing. I am going this weekend to spread some ashes there and have a break from reality for a couple days.

We love and miss you Dave, wish you were still here. René, Rachel, Lil Girl, Chaz, Baby, Chance, Willie Joe, and the chickens too! Hey, the one that used to bite your toes passed away. I think she was eggbound. And the nicest one thinks she’s a rooster. Too funny!

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