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I saw a need to give back and support others...

This was one of my favorite days in Life. I was able to celebrate my 50th birthday with all of those I love. Kevin surprised me with a very THOUGHTFUL and LOVING hockey trip to Florida Panthers Arena, Tampa Bay Lighting and then onto Carolina Panthers. The highlights of my trip were meeting OEL, Hammer, Ranta and Kemper out on the restaurant patio of the Ritz Carlton, as they were enjoying the weather and eating lunch before their next game. We went into the hotel to get coffee and met Coach John (?) McClain face to face. I asked him his name LOL. Kevin coached me after that encounter to always refer to someone like him as Coach instead of asking his name. HAHA it still makes me laugh. Anyway, we continued to see more of the guys, and although they did not acknowledge us I know they were thankful we traveled with them. The second awesome trip was when Kev took me to the Swarovski jewelry store and let me pick whatever I wanted. (I was going to select a GREEN RING and tell him it was time to make me a Crotty, but…) so I got the next best thing – a green crystal cross and pearl bracelet symbolizing Kevin – IRISH our connection through FAITH and the pearl – I love PEARLS. It is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. The last memory was the drive we took through the everglades together. It was miles of PEACE and Beauty with my BEST FRIEND and LOVE of LIFE, and I know this entire trip will be a memory we both cherish forever. He surprised me and worked so many off duty hours to get the money to pay for everything. It was a perfect planned out vacation and I love him even more than I already did, because he wanted me to feel special and he accomplished that more than he knows. Right after this trip, life in 2020 changed, coronavirus came back with both of us, followed by BLM protest, Kev’s mom is on her journey as she was diagnosed with ALS. I wanted to make this decision at a time when I saw a need to give back and support others. I love you Kev/Kids.

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