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Courtney Wagner

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Courtney was 17 years old when she had a brain hemorrhage...

When the doctors told her family that she was brain dead and there was no hope for life, they were obviously devastated.Courtney was such a caring and loving young lady, one who was adored by literally everyone that knew her, she had no enemies and never met a stranger. A girl that knew how to make others feel special and loved. She had a conversation with her family about her desire to be an organ donor when she was 16. Her family never thought that they would see that day come. When it did, they honored her desire to save others lives.

Her family says that it has been the biggest blessing that has come from their personal tragedy.

“To share the beautiful daughter and sister that we adored with others in need is a comfort to us. That others can continue to live with their loved ones is what she would have wanted, and part of what keeps us going. We give praise and thanks to God, our savior, that he allowed her and us to be instrumental in giving so lovingly to others. We strongly encourage others to get involved and get registered to donate. When you can no longer use them, someone else desperately needs them!”

Courtney’s family encourages you to become a registered donor because you can make a difference! They strongly believe it is the most beautiful gift you will ever give.

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  1. May 14th, 2021 | Jesse K |

    Courtney Wagner, Loved and was non judging with her presence rather then just occupying - She would make the room lighter and literally more pleasant. I had an economics class with her. Not knowing her previous to the class she still after the first srudent/teacher conflict with my phone ,always remind me to silence my cell phone. Then later I became friends working at Golden Corral with her cousin Keegan just before her passing. Courtney is an Angel for sure if there ever was a candidate for one!!!

  2. March 23rd, 2018 | Teri |

    Forever remembered Courtney, and always in our hearts. Thank you for your gift of life to others. Love and miss you.

  3. March 23rd, 2018 | Jackie Coplen |

    I registered but don't see where it shows. Your aunt Paige always tells us how wonderful and sweet of a girl you were. Fly high! ❤️?

  4. September 13th, 2013 | lacy |

    I miss a lot I wish I met you . everyone remembers you and I will always remember you

    • September 24th, 2013 | EVERYONE |

      yes,we will all miss her

  5. September 13th, 2013 | cousin |

    miss you a lot if heard a lot about you sound sweet

  6. September 6th, 2013 | Paige L Hruza |

    Paige L Hruza just registered to become a donor in honor of Courtney Wagner

  7. September 6th, 2013 | Paige L Hruza |

    Paige L Hruza just registered to become a donor in honor of Courtney Wagner

  8. June 21st, 2013 | jeannie scott |

    My darling were a donor long before you left this earth...a part of you lives in the memories of all whose lives you live forever in our hearts...I love and miss you each minute of every dsy

  9. March 27th, 2013 | Deanna |

    You are dearly missed by many! I never got the honor of knowing you just meeting you once however your family is amazing and I registered in your honor a few years ago.

  10. March 21st, 2013 | Anonymous |

    Being an organ donor is something we have already discussed with our girls. Thank-you Courtney for being such an amazing person!

  11. March 19th, 2013 | Amy Price |

    Amy Price just registered to become a donor in honor of Courtney Wagner

  12. March 19th, 2013 | Aunt Paige |

    Courtney...I carry you in my heart always. Your shining and radiant light helps to guide me in sharing my love that God has blessed me with. You have modeled an angel on our earth and your inspiring soul has not only touched all who you have met, but continues to share hope with us for a glorious tomorrow with you. I love and miss you deeply.

  13. March 19th, 2013 | Austin |

    Courtney forever our angel. Love you!!

  14. March 19th, 2013 | Tabitha M |

    Courtney was a beautiful person inside and out <3

  15. March 19th, 2013 | Michelle Hormann |

    Michelle Hormann just registered to become a donor in honor of Courtney Wagner

  16. March 19th, 2013 | Uncle Dave |

    I was there when you came into this world and there when you departed. I seen how others adored you, especially us, your family. It doesn't get any easier since you've been gone, we just learn to cope. You're still an inspiration to me and think of you often. Love you

  17. March 18th, 2013 | Sharon |

    Courtney was such a beautiful person inside and out. The Lord's love radiated from her and she touched everyone she met. She changed my life and I am registered organ donor in Washington because of her. She will always be loved and missed.

  18. March 18th, 2013 | Jaymie W |

    Courtney was such an amazing person and great friend! She was always there to lend a hand or share a smile! Can't wait to see you again! :)

  19. March 18th, 2013 | Nicole M. |

    Courtney was an amazing person with so much passion! So caring and thoughtful of others it's an honor to have known you! You are truly loved and missed by many!

  20. March 18th, 2013 | Dad |

    My Precious:) You are truly loved and missed. No other words needed.


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