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We are so thankful...

My husband Clayton Roe was diagnosed with Hepatitis C around 2000. He was in a motorcycle accident in 1980 and required a blood transfusion. They did no testing for Hepatitis C in 1980, and he has never been a drinker or drug user. As the years passed by Clay became sicker, and he didn’t know what was happening to his body or his mind. We asked our doctor to refer him to the Mayo Clinic where he was diagnosed with end stage liver disease. That was in December 2013, and he was accepted to receive a liver transplant! In January 2014 we got the call that they had a liver for Clay! We traveled 185 miles to Mayo Clinic as fast as possible, and Clay was given the Gift of Life! Our Lord had answered our prayers! We are so thankful for the person who had decided to be a donor and gave my husband Clayton a second chance at life! DONATE LIFE!! DONE VIDA!!!

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