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Our son Chrystian died in December of 2014 at home in Arizona where he lived at the time. He left behind a beautiful son name Jaiden, whom Chrys loved very dearly and his son was his whole world.

Jaiden and his Dad were very close – they did everything together. Wherever Chrys went, Jaiden went also!! Chrys taught his son everything he knew about audio, for Chrys was into fixing radios, TVs, etc. in cars, which was his career. His greatest joy was bringing Jaiden to the beach, taking him for walks in the woods to explore, or just hanging out with each other.

Chrys was also an excellent chef, for he had many restaurant jobs where he grew up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

His wish was to return home if anything ever happened to him and we are honoring his wish. He has many friends and family there and loved being with them. His father and I are bringing him home for a “Celebration of Life” to have laughter, tears, and memories with his son, family and friends.

Our most important job now is to see that Jaiden is taken care of in many ways to grow up to be kind, loving and caring like his father was and more. To have Jaiden know we are there for him always; both his uncles and his family on both sides.

He misses his Father very very much, and is still in the grieving stage. I’m not sure if he has come to terms with it yet, but he is grieving in his own way. I told him to look up into the “sky” and one of those stars is his Dad. Jaiden also talks to him before going to bed or when he is alone and needs him.

We are all going to miss Chrystian so very very much, but his memory will live on within his son and his family and his many many friends who loved him so deeply. We will miss you Chrystian but you will “Forever Be In Our Heart!!! So RIP son and I know you are watching over your son and all of us.

Love, Mom, Dad, Jaiden and Family!!

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  1. September 14th, 2020 | Carol Wiles |

    I tried to put the video on from YouTube but it did not work. Not sure how to do it so the above you can not click. So sorry.

  2. September 14th, 2020 | Carol Wiles |

    This is our last video of Chrystian. It is called Cape Cod Town boy! It will be 6 years this December 24th of his spirit gone. We will forever miss him as his Son and Family and Friends do also.. RIP "Chrystian "

  3. January 29th, 2020 | Carol A wiles |

    It has now been 5 years since Chrystian has been gone into the spirit world. This grief journey is hard work, but with the support of the few grief support groups it has helped me so much...Today I can say we have some Joy, and Laughter, in our lives for I know you would that for Dad and I. Every Christmas Eve we spend 2 days on Cape Cod for your Angel Day Son to honor you and pray at your grave site.Your Son, brother and we decorate your grave site for Christmas every year. You sure did love Christmas with family! Your son is now 16 and a Jr. in High School. You would be so proud of his accomplishments in life.. Jaiden is our Light out of our Darkness. Have many pictures of some of the family visiting you for they remember you always! Your Best Friend, goes quite often to talk to you.. Oh my Son Dad and I miss you so much and so thankful we had 30 years of your kind, caring, the loving person you were. I talk to you every day, and I feel your presence with me at times. You will be forever missed and loved, as you loved all of us. Jaiden especially misses you and he does talk about you to us, with silly remarks you both shared. Thank you Son for the precious child you gave to us as your legacy.. I know your still Dancing In The Sky! Love and Love Mom and Dad and Family! P.S> You in many places that I have contributed to Advocacy Work to share your story and your Light!

    • January 29th, 2020 | Carol A wiles |

      Can't edit. You are in many places that I have contributed to through Advocacy work from others in sharing your story and your Light!

  4. November 21st, 2015 | Carol A Wiles |

    I am forever grateful for the Arizona Donor Of Life Organization For his name on your Wall, for the Story that is written. Chrystian had his 30th Birthday in Heaven it was so very hard for us and his family. We did Sky Lanterns in Honor of his Birthday on the beach in Mass. Everyone loved it, seeing them fly way up into the Sky to Heaven.. Our faith, family, and friends have helped us so much to remember our Chrystian "Forever In Our Hearts" I belong to a Grief group, they are beautiful Moms and Dads that have lost their Children and are Grieving as I am...This group has been my salvation in Healing, venting, crying, whatever we need to say or do. "No Shame No Blame is their "Motto".....I have also bought the book: "Permission To Mourn" by Tom Zumba....The book I read over and over he is so Awesome... His first year in Heaven is coming up December 24, 2014 without our precious "ANGEL"..We will have so many emotions to deal with,the one saving Grace is our Middle Son and his Wife are sending us to their Home to be with his Family....We are so ever grateful for them doing this for us so we won't be alone during the Holidays...His son Jaiden is with his other Grandma and doing well. He turned 12 in July, and is so much like his Dad...His Dad would be and is very proud of him and I know Chrys is watching over him always as he is watching over us and family...I do believe in the Afterlife and have had 2 signs of our was Amazing to say the least!! Words can not describe the dreams I have had of Chrys.I know he is with us always.... I miss his big arms wrapped around me, I miss his cooking, I miss our talks, and our disagreements also, but most of all I just miss him being with us waking up saying "Good Morning Mom and Dad" He will always be remembered by all!!! I know he is "Dancing In The Sky" and saying: "I am ok Mom and Dad" It is Beautiful here in Heaven with Jesus!! Until I see you again Son, I will Love you so very much and Miss you so very much always as your Dad does!!!

  5. July 3rd, 2015 | Rodger higdon |

    Chrystian I am just today on your birthday really starting to except you took off on that journey to be with our father in heaven I will never forget you especially when we went to the sand dunes right before thanks giving we spoke about your son and about how you wanted him to be everything you thought you were falling short in areas and I told you it’s not money that makes a man but a man that makes the money and none of it is any good if you don’t start everything out on a good foundation such as gods word and love and he always told me don’t be the mechanic rod be the engineer the designer I learned something from that and I want everyone to know Chrystian gave his heart to the lord at my house what I mean is he actually seriously did that and so in that I am jeolous for he gets to be their and I’m still here in this crappy world of pain death and misery and he is with pure love and goodness! As we all miss him I wish I could have been a bit less had on him but I really wanted him to do his beat he was so talented he could listen to what you wanted done with a car and do it and it would be exactly as you had envisioned any how happy birthday big fella I will be seeing you with Jesus soon enough keep a place near you when I get their blessings and know your not forgotten ! I’m really thinking about giving your son the buggy we built TOGEATHER if you can give me a sign from heaven if you’d like that ! Blessings my brother from another mother Rodger D. Higdon

  6. April 9th, 2015 | nick egan |

    Love you buddy. Many good memories,mostly hilarious. In our day we saw some ish together we would never forget. See you on the other side bring,better have a cold one waiting for me.


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